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General-Purpose Measurement & Control Panel

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The Halen System is a general-purpose Allen-Bradley based measurement and control panel.  The Halen system provides 136 individual channels for industrial measurement and control applications. The Halen system features a
17- slot ControlLogix PLC inside. This PLC can be programmed using the     
Studio 5000 Logix Designer software from Rockwell Software.

What You get with the


At Valkyrie Controls we believe that a customer focused approach is the only way any successful business should be run, period. 

That is why we are obsessed with packing each of our quality products with as much extra value as we possible can.

We also believe in a full transparent approach. That is why we display all documentation and what is included from the very start. 

Included inSIDE:

Allen-Bradley PLC


  • 17-Slot Standard Series B ControlLogix Chassis; 1756-A17/B

  • 24VDC Standard Power Supply;1756-PB75/B

  • Allen Bradley ControlLogix 5580 Controller; 1756-L83E

  • (x2) 16-ch Digital Input Module; 1756-IB16

  • (x2) 16-ch Digital Output Module; 1756-OB16D

  • (x2) 8-ch Voltage/Current Analog Input Module with HART; 1756-IF8H

  • (x2) 8-ch Voltage/Current Analog Output Module with HART; 1756-OF8H

  • (x2) 8-ch Isolated RTD/Thermocouple Analog Input Module; 1756-IRT8I

  • (x1) 16-ch AC/DC Isolated Contact Module; 1756-0W16I

  • (x1) 8-ch AC/DC Isolated Contact Module; 1756-OX8I

  • (x4) ControlLogix Slot Filler Module; 1756-N2

Allen-Bradley Ethernet Switch

  • Allen Bradley 5-port Ethernet Unmanaged Switch; 1783-US5T

I/O Interface & Connectors

  • All interface documentation included

  • (x2) CONEC Series Cat6 RJ45 Inline couplers; 17-150134

  • (x11) HARTING CBL CLAMP M20 6-12mm Brass IP68; 19000005082

Weidmuller 24VDC Power Supplies

  • Weidmuller PRO MAX 180W 24V 7.5A Power Supply; 1478120000

  • Weidmuller PRO MAX 480W 24V 20A Power Supply; 1478140000

Panel Fan & Filter

  • Stego Filter Fan Plus FPI enclosure fan assembly, 13 CFM; 018702-30

Valkyrie Support Package

  • Our Engineers are ready on to answer any technical or troubleshooting questions regarding our products, installation and future design updates

1-Year Halen System Replacement Warranty

  • We provide replacement on any defective Halen System as part of our 
    1-year warranty service, this includes full or partial replacements

  • Our in-stock inventory allows us to get any replacement to you ASAP minimizing delays and keeping any unforeseen downtime to a minimum

Free Shipping (US & Canada)

  • The Halen System ships inside a heavy duty grade crate to ensure safe and reliable transportation and on site reliability

  • Hard & soft copies of the Halen System Operator's Manual & Interfacing Datasheet included


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