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 24VDC Power Supply & Control Panel

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The ESKE System is a general-purpose power distribution industrial IoT enabled control panel which can provide and control DC power to multiple devices in a variety of industrial applications. The ESKE system can supply a total of 24A over 8 different channels (3A/point).

WHat is ESKE IDEAL for?

DC Instrumentation Power Supply & Control (Up to 8 channels)

IoT Enabled Control for Industrial DC Powered Luminaries

DC Power Distribution Control to other Industrial Control Panels (i.e. Singri System)

DC Power Supply & Control for DC Coils & Relays  


Free Automation Direct PLC Programming Software 
Switch Selectable AC Power Input (115VAC or 230VAC)

IP68 Metal Cable Clamps (Glands) for Fast and Secure Installation

Individually Fused Channels for Short-Circuit Protection (Modular Resettable Breakers)

Unique customization for channel fusing at 3A/point, 2A/point, and 1A/point

Expandable with other Valkyrie Products for a Custom Solution to Meet Any Industry Requirement

Technical Specifications

(customization available)

Digital Outputs

Ethernet Connectivity

Power Input

Input Frequency

PLC Configuration

Operating Temperature

Storage Temperature

Physical Dimensions

I/O Interface

Power Supply

(x8) Fused 24VDC Powered Outputs rated for 3A/point (max) (configurable)

(x2) RJ45 GbE (Cat6a)

93-132VAC/ 187-264VAC (Switch Selectable)
115VAC Nominal/ 230VAC Nominal
47 – 63Hz

(x1) Automation Direct CLICK Koyo Ethernet Standard PLC; C0-11DRE-D

(x2) 4-Point Relay Output Module; C0-04TRS

+32 to 104 °F (0 to 40 °C)

+5 to 113 °F (-15 to 45°C)

20''x 20''x 6''

Weidmuller Terminal Blocks (Metal Gland Access)

RHINO DC Power Supply; PS24-600D 

Models and Price

(Options to Fit ANy budget)

Standard Eske System

Variable Pricing*

  • Digital Outputs - All

  • Ethernet Connectivity

  • 600W 24VDC Power Supply

  • Individually Fused Channels

  • Valkyrie Support Package

  • 1-Year Torin System Replacement Warranty

*Due to the current global pandemic a temporary variable pricing policy has been implemented on all new products. To request an alternate design of the Eske system, contact us at

Eske Specs
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