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General-Purpose Measurement & Control Panel

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The Halen System is a general-purpose Allen-Bradley based measurement and control panel.  This pre-built platform provides 136 individual channels for industrial measurement and control applications. The Halen system features a
17- slot ControlLogix PLC inside. This PLC can be programmed using the     Studio 5000 Logix Designer software from Rockwell Software

WHat is HALEN IDEAL for?

Digital Input Measurement (i.e. pressure switches, limit switches, gas flow actuated switches, proximity switches, photoelectric sensors, liquid level switches, inertia switches, manual switches, etc.)

Digital Output Control (i.e. 24VDC relay coils, start/stop motor control, pneumatic solenoid valves, etc.)

24 VDC Instrumentation Power Supply & Control (Up to 16 channels)
DC & AC Power Distribution Control with Dry Contact Relays (Up to 8 channels) 


Analog Voltage/Current Input Measurement (i.e. pressure transducers, humidity sensors, analog proximity, liquid/gas flow meters, ultrasonic/radar level sensors, speed motor sensors, 0-20ma transmitters, HART protocol transmitters, etc.)
Analog Voltage/Current Output Control (i.e. linear actuators, hydraulic actuators, rotary actuators, pneumatic actuators, electric actuators, pneumatic control valves, HART equipped actuators, etc.)


RTD Input Measurement (Input ranges: 1-500 Ω, 2-1000 Ω, 4-2000 Ω, 8-4000 Ω)


Reliable Allen-Bradley Platform featuring a 17-slot ControlLogix PLC  

136 Channels for Industrial Measurement and Control
Wide Range AC Power Input (100VAC-230VAC)

IP68 Metal Cable Clamps (Glands) for Fast and Secure Installation

Individually Fused Channels for Short-Circuit Protection (Modular Resettable Breakers)

Quality Documentation for Easy Installation and Design Integration

CSA & UL508A Certified with a 1-year Replacement Warranty

Free Engineering Hardware Support from our Expert Team

Expandable with other Valkyrie Pre-built Systems for a Custom Solution to Meet Any Industry Requirement

Technical Specifications

(customization available)

Digital Inputs

Digital Outputs

Analog Inputs

Input Range

Supplementary Power

Analog Outputs

Output Range

RTD Inputs

Input Range

Supported Sensors

Dry Contact

Output Voltage Range

Ethernet Connectivity

Power Input

Input Frequency

Allen-Bradley PLC


Operating Temperature

Storage Temperature

Physical Dimensions

I/O Interface

Power Supplies

(x32) 24VDC Fused Sinking Inputs

(x32) 24VDC Fused Sourcing Outputs

(x16) Fused 24VDC Powered Outputs Rated for 1A/point

(x16) Voltage/Current Analog Inputs with HART

±10 V, 0-5 V, 1-5 V, 0-10 V, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA

(x2) Eight 24VDC Fused Powered Outputs Rated for 0.5A Combined Max (1A Total)

(x16) Voltage/Current Analog Outputs with HART 

±10 V, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA

(x16) Isolated 3- and 4- Wire RTD Inputs 

1-500 Ω, 2-1000 Ω, 4-2000 Ω, 8-4000 Ω, -100 – 100 mV

100, 200, 500, 1000 Ω Platinum, alpha = 385 OR 3916

120 Ω Nickel, alpha = 672

100, 120, 200, 500 Nickel, alpha = 618

10 Ω Copper, alpha = 427

(x8) 10-240 VAC/5-125 VDC Isolated Contacts

1 A @ 5-30 VDC

0.5 A @ 48 VDC

0.22 A @ 125 VDC

1.5 A @ 120 VAC 50/60 Hz

0.75 A @ 240 VAC 50/60 Hz

(x2) RJ45 GbE (Cat6a)

100VAC-240VAC (Wide Range Input)
47 – 63Hz

17-Slot Standard Series B ControlLogix PLC

(x4) Spare PLC Slots

+32 to 113 °F (0 to 45 °C)

+5 to 140 °F (-15 to 60°C)

60''x 36''x 12'' (L x H x W) - Standard Version

48''x 36''x 12'' (L x H x W) - Compact Version

Weidmuller Terminal Blocks (Metal Gland Access)

Weidmuller Pro Max 24VDC DIN Rail Power Supplies; 1478120000, 1478140000

Models and Price

(Options to Fit ANy budget)

Standard Halen System

Variable Pricing*

  • I/O Channels - All

  • Ethernet Connectivity

  • Individually Fused Channels

  • CSA & UL Certified

  • Valkyrie Support Package

  • 1-Year Torin System Replacement Warranty

Compact Halen System

Variable Pricing*

  • Compact Light Design

  • Improved Airflow

  • Lower Fabrication Cost

  • I/O Channels - All

  • Ethernet Connectivity

  • Individually Fused Channels

  • CSA & UL Certified

  • Valkyrie Support Package

  • 1-Year Torin System Replacement Warranty

*Due to the current global pandemic a temporary variable pricing policy has been implemented on all new products. To request an alternate design of the Halen system, contact us at

Halen Specs
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