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Our Just Cause

In everything we do... we stand for a world where there is absolute freedom to innovate. We believe in serving every employee, customer and individual with the will and resources necessary to innovate.

- The People of Valkyrie

We Believe in Standardization

Today’s standardization…is the necessary foundation on which tomorrow’s improvements will be based.  If you think “standardization” as the best you know today, but which is to be improved tomorrow – you get somewhere.

Supply Modular Products

We design full standalone IoT hardware systems that can operate on their own, this creates standardized building blocks at a reduced cost. We provide these pre-engineered hardware systems to integrators worldwide to improve their profit margins.

Help Integrators Build Unique Solutions

Integrators can design full complex systems using our pre-engineered products to create unique solutions that tackle any industry requirement. This helps free up engineers and staff, so they can focus in growth and innovation.

Provide Quality Beyond Expectation

Our focus is to provide the highest quality products, services, and support to our customers worldwide. At Valkyrie Controls we are in the business of making the incredible a reality.

 Valkyrie Controls™ Prioritizes R&D Efforts

to Challenge and Innovate

 If you are interested in joining the Valkyrie Team contact us at

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